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Brite-View is the choice for auto glass in Edmonton.

For almost 15 years, Brite-View has been Edmonton’s auto glass experts, providing exceptional windshield repair and replacement, side door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and rear auto glass repair in Edmonton. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality parts and service. Our wide selection of high quality glass parts is always on hand for quick and efficient service, including same-day auto glass repair in Edmonton. For added convenience, we offer mobile onsite service, a drop-off shuttle service, and a pickup and delivery service.

Convenient and efficient service doesn’t help if it isn’t reliable, though. Brite-View prides also provides a lifetime guarantee on all the warrantable Edmonton auto glass work we do. We also work with insurance companies for fast, effective solutions when claims are involved. With our emphasis on safety, quality, convenience and value, Brite-View Glass is the clear choice for quality auto glass in Edmonton.

Rock chips in your window can be more than a nuisance, they can be dangerous. They can obstruct your vision, and, if left unchecked, will eventually cause splits and crack that are far more difficult and expensive to repair. By having your windshield in Edmonton repaired sooner rather than later, you reduce the chances of a crack forming, minimize contaminants in the repair area, improve visibility, and save yourself money by avoiding an eventual replacement.

Brite-View’s Edmonton auto glass repair service is quick and inexpensive, requiring only 20-30 minutes. Chip repairs start at $39.95 for the first repair and $20 for each additional repair during the same session.

Getting your windshield replaced entirely has multiple benefits. It improves occupant safety and driver visibility, improves the resale value of the vehicle, and can even save you from costly fines. We install all our quality windshields in Edmonton following the strict safety standards related to airbag protection, windshield retention in frontal crashes, and roof crush resistance, as well as in accordance with our own commitment to quality service and expert installation. We’ve worked hard to establish our reputation for quality auto glass in Edmonton, and are dedicated to maintaining it. Come find out for yourself and visit your closest Brite-View location today.

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