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Edmonton Automotive Glass

Brite-View Glass loves doing Edmonton Automotive Glass of every kind! Whether it’s a front windshield repair, a front windshield replacement, a side door glass, a vent glass, a quarter glass, a back glass, or a sunroof you’re in good hands with Brite-View Glass! With a wide selection of high quality glass parts always on hand, we’re capable of servicing your glass needs quickly and efficiently. Our list of services include fast reliable same-day service, an in-shop service, a mobile onsite service, a drop-off shuttle service, and a pickup and delivery service. We also do fleet work.


At Brite-View Glass we provide lifetime guarantees on all the warrantable work we do, including on Edmonton Automotive Glass. We also take every possible precaution to keep you and your loved ones safe! To learn about our safety policies and more click the following links... ‘Your Safety’ and ‘Quality Matters’.


In those instances where an insurance claim for your glass replacement is desired, the staff of Brite-View Glass will work with you and your insurance company for fast effective solutions. With an emphasis on safety, quality, convenience and value, Brite-View Glass is the glass store you should visit when you're looking for Edmonton Automotive Glass.

Glass Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

We offer industry-leading warranties on our products and services
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Windshield Repairs Windshield Replacements

Brite-view Glass has been doing windshield chip repairs since 2002 and we're good at it! Windshield repairs are a quick and inexpensive 20 to 30 minute repair process that can save and extend the ‘life’ of your vehicle’s windshield. There are several advantages to having your windshield repaired sooner versus later. One advantage is risk minimization. A second advantage is improved visibility. A third advantage is having fewer contaminants in the repair area. And a forth advantage is helping to save the environment. Windshield chip repairs are best filled in indoors, out of direct or indirect sunlight. Our current chip repair price is $29.95 on the first repair and $15.00 on each additional chip repaired at the same time.

A few of the benefits of having a new windshield installed are improved occupant safety, better driver visibility, higher resale value, and avoiding costly fines. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, Brite-View Glass follows all windshield replacement safety standards including FMVSS208, FMVSS212, and FMVSS216. (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 relates to airbag protection, 212 to windshield retention in frontal crashes, and 216 to roof crush resistance). Integral to achieving this, Brite-View Glass uses only the best Sikaflex® automotive urethane adhesive sealant systems available called Sikatack Drive New Formulation®. For more information click the following links... ‘Your Safety’ and ‘Quality Matters’. For your free quote click here.

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