Customized Glass Accordions

By April 26, 2016

Glass Textures

Cross Reed

Cross Reed glass is a specialized, textured glass in which vertical reeds run across the width of the product and horizontal reeds run down the length, creating a series of small squares that create both beauty and privacy.

Seedy Reamy

Seedy Reamy glass is a version of textured glass swirls, bubbles and ripples that produce a whimsical texture to playfully distort light. Seedy Reamy is wonderful decorative glass, excellent for many applications.


Water textured glass is a beautiful addition to the decor of any room. Whether you use it for an interior door window, office walls or an exterior-facing window, it creates a soothing environment by replicating the appearance of falling rain. Water textured glass is the perfect way to add an element of privacy while improving the style of any room.


Inspired by nature, Sycamore textured glass features a unique alternating and overlapping leaf pattern that catches light beautifully and adds a touch of elegance to any room. Sycamore offers beauty, privacy and an alluring look for our Edmonton custom glass clients.

Glass Edging

Flat Edge

The least expensive of the glass edge options, this system of glass edging is sleek and simple, consisting of just a small seam on the edge of the glass. Great for achieving a quick, economical solution, flat edge is one of the most common glass edgings.

Triple OG

Triple OG glass replicates the distinguishable ā€œSā€ shape of the OG edging multiple times in succession. This creates a flowing, watery finish to the edge, leaving the impression of a waterfall at the edge of your custom glass in Edmonton.


This gorgeous edging dates as far back as the greek and roman civilizations, and is perfect for columns, pedestals and wrought-iron bases. Recognizable by its distinct ā€œSā€ shape, OG (or Ogee) glass edging creates a beautiful finish for your custom glass in Edmonton.

Triple Bevel

One of the most popular edgings for glass, beveling involves cutting the edge of the surface at a slight angle to produce a decorative effect. Single, double, and even triple-beveling are all available, adding sophistication without dramatically increasing costs.

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